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Wallables 3D Wall Décor

After fundraising for Children’s Hospitals throughout southern California, Wallables 3D Wall Décor was born. Wallables is our own patented product that was invented, manufactured, licensed, and is currently selling worldwide. We have licensed with Candlewick press for the book “Guess How Much I Love You”, Universal for “Where the Wild Things Are”, and Disney Consumer Products including such properties as Princess, Cars, Toy Story, Pooh, Fairies, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. From our Fundraising Programs for the Children’s Hospitals, this line has grown into a larger business. The characters that we sculpted for the hospitals were much larger, but you can see the similarities and the evolution. Wallables is one of the proud sponsors of the March of Dimes, and many other foundations that support children. It is our goal to continue selling Wallables and raising money for these foundations. If you are interested in developing characters for your own foundations, please feel free to contact us at  (310) 416-9999 or dangarr@wallables.com.


Dan Garr began working with interior design firms and architects early in his career to build a better environment for pediatric floors in hospitals. The Tustin Medical Center Pediatric floor in Orange County, CA was the first one that he did. The designers wanted to make the atmosphere more child-friendly given that each floor in the hospital had white walls and plain carpet. Dan immediately wanted to take the walls to a whole new level. The hospital accepted his presentation of 3D wall animals. Dan’s direction was to sculpt the zoo animals in a different style, and in bas-relief life- size proportions. Since it was a bit more expensive than they wanted, Dan created a Donor Wall Program that associated a nameplate for each animal. This ultimately led to a silent auction that both paid for the artwork, and raised $24,000 for the hospital foundation.

Many of these projects continued, including the donor wall for St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica with help of donations from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Other projects were built at UCLA and Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. He also wrote a book, “Izzy the Bouncing Baby Elephant” for Miller’s Hospital in Long Beach which consisted of 4×6 foot book pages which line the walls of the children’s ward. His projects have generated over $800,000 to date for local Southern California Hospitals.

While installing the 3-D project in Tustin Dan was constantly asked if he could make custom wall sculptures for their children at home. Dan began making smaller more manageable wall sculptures, but as the demand grew, Dan had to figure out a more economical way to manufacture. Six years and many samples later Wallables Wall Décor was born.

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