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Out of Frame – 3D Paintings

This video will give you an idea of the next stage of artwork that Hot Buttered Elves has been creating. This new style is duplicable, so a limited number of duplicates will be made of each. The molds and files are arranged for a small number of each to be reproduced. These paintings will be for sale in designated galleries, and on this website. Each come with the Origination Documents and Hot Buttered Elves Certification, a full description, and the numbered edition. The following will describe the process that has led to this development.


Given the nature of calls and inquiries that we get for the 3D movie posters that we have made over the years, we have decided not to close the door on this chapter. While the costs associated with manufacturing the 9 x 11 inch movie posters have gone up overseas, it is still possible to make them. Yet instead of going smaller in size for the mass, we have decided to go larger and more expressive. We have matured as artists in this 3D bas-relief style, and are taking these paintings “Out of Frame”! At the end of the day, if you can make a bigger statement, then, by all means, go for it … right!

So here comes the next approach. Full size paintings! Some are about 4 x 6 feet, others smaller, and others bigger. The name we have reserved for this style of artwork is “OUT OF FRAME”. Very fitting name for artwork that completely blasts out of the box.

This process is an exciting business, and Hot Buttered Elves is in the process of creating a series of 3D paintings for sale. We have been building 3D paintings in the ELF WORKSHOP using all of the model making and engineering skills that we have. There are no limits to the hand sculpting, 3D modeling, molding, casting, painting and dreaming.


Here’s the best part. If you have a 2D painting or image that you want to turn into a 3D painting, we are accepting custom artwork. Here is how it works.

  1. Submit the artwork that you would like to create in 3D. This can be a family portrait, picture of your kids, a pet, a flower, an action shot, .. just about anything.
  2. We will review the proposed artwork, and create a budget for creating the 3D version.
  3. Terms and Delivery will be discussed, contracts signed, and you will be charged 50% up front
    to start the project.
  4. A complete, no- color, 3D model of your concept will be submitted to you for your final approval. Once approved, the final balance must be submitted to initiate the 3D work.
  5. Final Delivery is coordinated and you will be sent the Certified Hot Buttered Elves Origination Documents, costs, and relevant information.

When have you ever had the chance to have your own 3D artwork created especially for you or a loved one? There is a small waiting list, but do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Dangarr@hotbutteredelves.com for more information on this process.

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