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3D Scale Courtroom Models

Hot Buttered Elves provides 3D Scale Courtroom Models for a variety of Attorneys and Law Practices. Quite often, a detailed scale model is needed to clarify the details of a lawsuit for a jury. Hot Buttered Elves has been proficiently growing in this space. A lot of research is required to study the facts at hand. Hot Buttered Elves researches the facts with the attorneys that are consistent with the reports. We then design the structure to fit in the door of a courtroom, and then model the scene. We have re-created streets and buildings with the help of Google Maps, extrapolated data from surveillance cameras, and built entire city streets with the aid of CAD and other programs. In some cases, we provide only digital animations of the scene. In other cases, 3D models with exact attention to detail are required, and Hot Buttered Elves has the tools and professional personnel to get the job done right.

Whether it requires 3D printing cars – both before and after the collision, building bridges and underground engineering structures in cut-sections to show the layers of earth and water flow, or re-building natural environments to describe water damage to a hillside, we are able to re-create the circumstances, and demonstrate the course of events via digital animations or via practical sized scale models that lead to the success of the case.

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