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Our history of making mechanisms for toys and consumer products gives us a wide range of successful conceptual assemblies to choose from. The basics of Imagining, Innovating, and Inventing come from our 25 years of analytical hands-on experience. The Elves explore multiple development options through brainstorms, 3D prototyping, stress testing, test groups, and exploring multiple marketing alternatives quickly and cost effectively. We know that the right solution will come from thorough exploration, and the resolve is usually the most simple path. From toys to consumer products, the internal working mechanisms are a combination of design and physics that are always relative to cost. Once the cost reduction engineering takes place, we deliver a price-conscious solution to our customers.


Having taught at Otis College of Art and Design for over 8 years in the Toy Design program and Interactive Product Design Program, our understanding of design is strong. Our concept artists and designers are current with the highest and most innovative standards in the toy and product design industry. Our product and industrial design teams are experts at finding ergonomic solutions that compliment both form and function. Having the right software programs for the right job is critical. Products require a solid engineered internal approach before we can sculpt the outer details, and our blend of programs is a proven pathway to success.


We have long standing relationships with the best IP attorneys in the business that we can recommend, if you do not already have one, to support patent research, IP protection, and provisional and utility patents. We are, and do not claim to be lawyers, and cannot provide legal advice, but we work closely with our attorneys to guide you in the process.


Hot Buttered Elves has strong relationships in the inventing world, and we are on many of the Inventor Lists for many companies. We are constantly submitting inventions for royalty deals, putting IP up for sale, or for licensing agreements.


Hot Buttered Elves is well formatted to pitch products to industry. We will support your pitch with professional Logos, imagery, animations, prototypes, and demonstrations that are compelling and rich.

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