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3D Posters – Star Wars

3D Posters

As we moved on to the Star Wars posters, I was very impressed with the entire Lucas operation. It was the first time I had worked with them, and they were very supportive from the start. There was one point where we were struggling with the face of Luke Skywalker, and we were referred to go to Gentle Giant for scan data. This was a hard comment for me to endorse. Carl Meyer is a great guy, and would have helped me out, but we were determined to get the characters on model. Lucas gave us a second chance, and after multiple revisions, we started to get approvals across the board. We were eventually invited to meet with the Lucas approval team at the Ranch, where we were put up in the Skywalker Hotel for the evening. I was so impressed with the level of genius that surrounded the place. Each room was named after a famous director. I was in the Cecile B. DeMille room where I sculpted throughout the night making corrections to the sculpts under the light of a small lamp in the corner of the room. I was impressed to discover that the kitchen was open all night with a refrigerator filled with just about everything you would find in a working restaurant – except the people. Clients came to the Ranch from many countries at all hours of the day, and they were allowed to cook their own food in the kitchen, which was almost unlimited. After seeing this, to this day I still think there should be a Star Wars Restaurant. There would be a line from Mill Valley to the Panama Canal.

I later learned that George Lucas placed the poster that I had worked on in the Skywalker Hotel – on his wall. Life can sure have its great moments!

We proceeded to make the rest of the Star Wars posters, both A, B, and C-styles, and these were selling out immediately at Comicon, Entertainment Earth, and other collectible vendor sites online. They are still traded for large amounts of money.

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