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Elf Projects

Up and Coming Projects by Hot Buttered Elves
Hot Buttered Elves is a highly creative product development company that specializes in bringing your toy designs, 3D models, inventions, and consumer products to a marketable reality. Read More…

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Our 25 years of analytical hands-on experience is supercharged with the use of multiple 3D programs that bring resolve to your designs quickly and cost effectively.


An invention requires radical thinking and innovation to produce the new and unique. The Elves inspire breakthroughs with a creative simplification process that proves success, and creates cost effective realities for your products.

Elf Workshop

We make it for you. Send us your 2D or 3D designs, and we will send you your finished product. If you have a 3D file, or want a bobble head, or wedding cake character, we will bring your idea to life.

Elf Projects

Up and Coming Projects by Hot Buttered Elves
Out of Frame

One-of-a-Kind 3D Paintings.


Bringing Children’s Arwork To Life.


Elves in The Community.

Sun Shield

Lets Fight Skin Cancer Together!


Elf Projects, Methods, and Magic




Hot Buttered Elves, Inc., is a highly creative product development company. Our team of creative engineers, 3D model makers, and inventors utilize a unique approach to problem solving, cost analysis, and prototyping that will get you to meeting and market fast and cost effectively. For over 25 years we have been creating products that range from toys and games, to consumer products and advanced medical products.

The Elves employ state-of-the-art technology to create positive solutions for your products. Our 3D software includes both CAD and Freeform technologies so that we can handle both the highly engineered consumer products, and the high detailed sculptural requirements of the toy industry, and beyond. Our goal is to support you, strengthen your product, and prepare you for success. No idea is too small or too big.

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